Bloody good local art at bloody good prices. With a good dab of attitude.

Liane is a Calgary artist who creates beautiful oil paintings of landscapes and people.

We met Liane, as she was finding it hard to place emphasis on marketing efforts while create more paintings.  Liane needed a way to represent herself as the type of artist she is and stand out from the crowd a little better.

Liane's really is good, honest art, at bloody good prices. She just needed a brand refresh and website update to enable people to buy her paintings online.

Liane’s personality was all we needed to drive her brand. We took verbatim everything she said, and spun it into her brand. Most of her paintings begin with a red bottom layer, and so this became the colour to underpin her identity. Her paintings feature in her social media, accompanied by phrases such as ‘Buy this painting / I’ll take you there’. Most importantly, we created a brand that she can implement easily, giving her more studio time and less social media upkeep.

Book concepts (above).


Website design and development..

Website design and development.

Website design and development.

Business cards.


Social media posts.